International Program

Our school has long been committed to expanding international exchanges for students and teachers, and has established inter-school cooperation and exchange relations with dozens of well-known universities in Canada, Australia, the United States, Japan, Britain, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Hundreds of exchange students and visiting scholars from Southeast Asia and Europe have visited it. Furthermore, we have established long-term stable relations of cooperation and exchange with colleges, universities, and research institutions in Australia, Britain and other countries, working together to cultivate international commercially talented people, dispatch teachers to give lectures, further broaden academic horizons and enhance academic standards.


Jiangnan University-Monash University Business Management 3 + 1 Project

In order to meet the needs of economic globalization and cultivate high-level management talents with a global vision, under the ratification of the Ministry of Education (ratification ID: MOE32AU2A20721220N), Jiangnan University and Monash University in Australia are cooperating to organize an undergraduate education program of Business Administration. Students meeting the specified requirements can obtain bachelor degrees from both Jiangnan University and Monash University.

Monash University is one of Australia's largest national university and is rated as five-star. It is also one of the eight most famous schools in Australia, ranked among the world’s Top 100 (QS, US News, Times) in the latest international ranking. Its main campus is located in the city of Melbourne. It has more than 53,000 students from over 100 countries and regions in the world. Among its ten schools, the business school is an internationally prestigious business school, with certificates from three major international certification authorities – AACSB, EQUIS and AMBAS; its graduates have achieved high global recognition.

This program adopts a "3 + 1" training mode: the first three years of study are at Jiangnan University and the fourth year at Monash University. Students in this cooperative program mainly learn English, professional basic courses and some professional main courses in Jiangnan University. Teaching plans and curriculum materials are audited by Monash University and use full-English and "bilingual" teaching methods. At the close of their domestic studies, students go on to the final segment at Monash University, over three semesters. The two universities implement a mutual recognition of credits.

Program Features and Benefits

ü It is jointly organized by Chinese and a famous foreign university; students can obtain both Chinese and foreign qualifications with high-level educational resources, and have access to elements of Chinese and Western culture.

ü It is approved by the Ministry of Education. Graduate students can obtain a bachelor's degree at a domestic and a foreign university at the same time and the two academic degrees are recognized by both governments and international authorities.

ü The educational cooperation between Jiangnan University and Monash University originated in 2004 with an efficient, dedicated and professional management team.

ü Students in this program can go on to further study or choose direct employment abroad after their graduation from Monash University.

ü It can save much of the cost of studying abroad at one’s own expense,


Jiangnan University – EADA Business School (Spain) Joint Graduate Program

School of Business, Jiangnan University and EADA Business School at Barcelona, Spain formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement to determine the cooperation in the development of a two-degree business master’s program.

EADA business School is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s among the top business schools in the world (According to Financial Times, it’s master’s programs rank 40th in the world, and it ranks 28th among all the European business schools, it’s Master of Finance ranks 22nd in the word, and Master of Management ranks 35th in the world). EADA has high-quality teachers, pays attention to cultivating students' leadership and practical ability, and endows students with internationalization and great learning. And the graduates’ employment prospects are excellent.

According to the agreement of cooperation between the two sides, the first-year postgraduates from School of Business Jiangnan University can apply for the EADA postgraduate program. After successful admission, they can go to EADA Business School for one year study. The master's degree of EADA can be obtained if their academic achievements are qualified. In the third year, they can return to Jiangnan University and continue to complete their postgraduate studies in China. After they finish their dissertation and their academic achievements are qualified, they can apply for the master's diploma and degree certificate of Jiangnan University.

As a strategic partner, students from School of Business Jiangnan University can receive a 15% EADA tuition deduction and apply for additional scholarships (scholarships and tuition deductions do not exceed 25% of tuition fees).

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is an full English program which all the courses are taught by English. The learning plan and objectives of BBA program are same as our school’s undergraduate business administration program, aiming to foster the students’ economic and management knowledge, methods of business management, creative ability and communication skills.

Please go to the website of School of International Education, Jiangnan University to find more information and application procedures.